River White Granite

Stone Type:  Granite

Location:  Andhra Pradesh/Karnataka

Colour:  White


River White Granite is a form of Indian Granite originating out of Visakhapatnam region in Andhra Pradesh. This granite is a predominantly off-white stone that has a grey tinge to it. Its appearance can look reasonably uniform in its color. The bedrock of this granite is an exceptionally light grey in color – almost white. Littered throughout the stone are long winding veins of a grey mineral. This mineral can vary in color from a light grey through to a dark grey in color. What River White granite is most famous for is its stunning tiny red mineral deposits and they are truly magnificent. They are usually a red that is slightly lighter than burgundy – but can look a little brighter due to being set against the light greys and whites of the bedrock. There is a low amount of variation within different slabs of this granite. The main factors that will vary are the amount of the red minerals that are present and the color of the grey minerals. The grey minerals can differ in their shade but are usually always light. This granite does not look that different when used in rooms with different lighting conditions – and it will look great in rooms with and without much natural light. The stunning white tones of this granite can contrast and complement a whole wide range of colors.

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