Kashmir White Granite

Stone Type:  Granite

Colour:  white


Kashmir White Granite is a predominantly white stone, but its overall appearance is generally an exceptionally light grey in color due to the mineral deposits. The white bedrock reveals itself to be an even brighter and lighter white than it appeared to be from afar. It is as pure as pure can be. What gives this stone a slightly darker color from a distance is the little mineral deposits that are littered throughout the stone. The main mineral that is present is a light grey mineral that can range from only very slightly darker than the white bedrock – to a medium grey in places. What makes this mineral extra special is that in places it can have an exceptionally light red tinge to it. Dotted around the stone will also be spots of red mineral deposits. These are usually ridiculously small and rarely exceed the size of a water droplet. These red mineral deposits are usually a very deep dark red / burgundy and elegantly add a little color to the stone. This granite does not really vary all that much in rooms with different lighting conditions. The light brown mineral patches may be a little less visible in rooms without much natural light.

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