Bianco Satin Granite

Stone Type:  Granite

Location:  Rajasthan

Colour:  Grey


Bianco Satin granite is a stone loved for its crisp white bedrock and stunning brown mineral deposits. Clear quartz crystals are scattered throughout the stone, these are only slightly different in tone from the bedrock but give the stone an overall shine. Exceptionally light grey patches are also littered around the stone. These are very subtle and are not immediately noticeable in most cases. They add an extra layer of depth to the pure white bedrock that is not too overpowering – ensuring the clean and fresh appearance is not disturbed. Little black mineral deposits are also infrequently dotted around the stone, they are not quite common, and most slabs will only have a handful of them. They are usually found inside one of the brown mineral deposits and can add a little contrast to the stone.

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